Made in collaboration with Spotify's in house creative team. Spotify's in-house creative brought me on to illustrate and direct their 2020 Premium Holiday campaign.

I was tasked with creating 15 different spots for this campaign. Things are not what they seem, this running theme was a remix of the familiar in a whole new magical light. And the kaleidoscopic compositions helped bend reality even further.

Director: Simone Noronha
Client: Spotify
Production Co: Hornet
Managing Director: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer: Cathy Kwan
Associate Producer: Annalee Walton
Senior Editor: Anita Chao
Assistant Editor: Hyeseung Kim

Pre Production
Storyboard Artist: Simone Noronha, Alex Kiesling
Illustrations: Simone Noronha, Alex Kiesling
Motion Lead: Itay Tevel
Animators: Dennie Bright, Tavet Gillson, Bee Grandinetti, Peter Harp, Ross McCampbell, Otilija Morozaitė, Reece Parker, Itay Tevel
Motion Intern Hannah Sun 
2DAnimators: Tim Beckhardt, Mélanie Gohin